Just a quick entry to say WE GOT LIGHTS!!  

We have partnered with Hard Korr Lighting and just received part of our order (we have purchased these lights at a discounted price in exchange for representing Hard Korr at Overland Expo East in November)

Sadly, it's gonna take a while to get them all installed plus we're waiting on some of the bigger/brighter lights to be delivered, so it will be a bit before we have pictures to share, but guys, you are gonna be blown away by the quality and versatility of these things!!  We are just SO EXCITED!


Stay tuned for pictures soon.  And if you want to check them out for yourselves, please visit Hard Korr Lighting  <>


If you decide to order, PLEASE contact us first so we can give you our discount code to save 10%!!!  

Message me on Facebook or email us using the contact link here on the page OR just comment here!  Make sure we get your email address and we'll shoot the code to you ASAP!  

HK lights have SO many applications and are such high quality, you'll want to use them for lots of things!  

Hammin' with Casper on his first off-road trail trip!


The new plate and stickers!

Wow... long time, no type, huh?  We're sorry about that but life's been kinda wild around here the past several months!


We had an unexpected (but amazing) trip to California for two weeks in July.  It was for Tommy's work, but we were able to extend it a bit and turn it into a 34th anniversary trip too!  


I have TONS of pix to upload from that, so hang on to your hats out there.  Those will be coming soon.  


After we got home from that, only a week later, Tommy and our youngest son, Casey, left out on the trip to compete in 36 Hours of Uwharrie.  During the entire month, unexpected things (which can't be yet divulged) were going on with our other kiddos, so I had to make a last-minute trip up north, leaving the day before they were driving over to North Carolina.


Thankfully, our little shihpoo was in the dutiful hands of Casey's wife, Taylor, otherwise, I'm not sure how we would have managed!  There was no way I could take her with me because I would eventually be making a 10-hour trip even further north and stay in a make-shift lodging that belonged to people I didn't even know.  (LOL... I know you're DYING for details now, huh?  Sorry, but you'll just have to wait a bit.  Just know it's all good stuff)


So the guys had an awesome time at 36 Hours.  They met some folks they'd been following on Instagram and made friends with lots of other people either competing or volunteering at the event.  They didn't place as well as they had hoped, but also had some challenges with managing the information that they hadn't figured on, too, but all in all, other than my poor already-skinny Case losing 8 whole pounds in those two-and-a-half days, they returned in high spirits on low sleep.


At this point, about a week post-36, they've almost completely recouperated and I'm working hard to get Casey to gain back those pounds.  I got back home a couple of days after they did, so all sorts of stories have been exchanged and we're all looking forward to some more trips to various places in the fall if not sooner.


In the meantime, we've been collecting stickers of all the places we've travelled and even though we didn't get to take Casper to any of them, he is now sporting the stickers proudly.  


We decided to consider these trips as just scouting excursions for picking out the places we'll visit with him in the future.


We fell in love with San Diego and Yosemite and plan to go back as soon as we can.  Hopefully, it won't be long until we can get a rooftop tent and just hit the road with Casp, seeing even more than we got to since we had to fly out there for the first trip.  


We did get to rent a small car and drive from San Diego to Yosemite which was amazing as well!  We are just in awe of how crazy the landscape in California is!  How much it can change in just a few miles.  We were breathless looking over across the cascading Sierra mountains when we rode from Palm Springs up to the top of Mt. San Jacinto.  The flora and fauna up there were awesome too.  


Once in Yosemite, we couldn't seem to make it more than a couple miles at a time before we'd pull over to take in the mountains, trees and sky or the magnificant lakes and rivers that wind through the rugged rocks and plains up there.  


I'll save all of that for another post soon, I hope.  When I can load more pictures for you.  


For now, check out our sticker collection and stay tuned as lots of things begin changing with us and our family!


Thanks SO MUCH for visiting us!



The new plate & stickers galore...

36 Hours of Uwharrie aftermath...

Snapchat from the hubby that I saved...they're SO tired!

Casper goes topless

YAY!  At last, we stripped Casper down and took him tooling around Red River Gorge!

It was a very last-minute and spontaneous trip.  Tommy had to take off work to sign for our refi at home and since the appointment for signing had been made while I was out of town, no one realized I had a checkup at my doc's scheduled for thirty minutes after the closing!!

I was able to get an afternoon appointment for that very same day, which was amazing since my doc stays booked up but now I didn't have to worry about trying to rush.

Which was also great because the notary assigned to us called to say he'd be a little late.  Sheesh!

So Tommy decided to mow the yard while we waited for the notary to come.  I worked around inside the house since our kids were coming down from Cincinnati that evening and then all of us were going to a wedding on Saturday afternoon, then a Mother's day cookout at our house.  We had a lot going on!

Anyhow, after the signing was all done, or as Tommy said, "It's all over but the crying", ha! we decided the weather was just too gorgeous to waste a day with him off work.

I was still trying to decide if we oughta go when I realized Tommy was outside taking off the doors.  Okay then... 

That's kinda how we do things around here.  We are totally fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants people!

Next thing I knew, we had packed a bag for Siffy and a few snacks and a cooler for us and off we went!

It was a little unsettling to me at first, being completely open and flying down the road in the Jeep.  I'd never done that before and other than my bike, I don't normally go over 30 mph down the road with nothing enclosing me.  Soon though, I'd gotten used to the feeling and was thoroughly enjoying the ride.

We of course grabbed some pizza at Miguel's and then went looking for a trail.  We found one online but apparently it was no longer an offroading trail or something.  We even stopped to ask a fella who was loading tools in his Jeep at a little store.  He told us where to find a place, so we headed that direction.

I'm not sure how or when it happened but we ended up finding the Daniel Boone Backwoods Byway trail!  How awesome!  We had never even heard of that before!

We had THE BEST time just driving around seeing the sights.  We love the woods and seeing the countrysides.  We saw geese, goats, deer and hawks and a ton of old oil pumping equipment tucked back in the woods.  

It was an awesome day and has only fueled our burning desire to get out and roam the country.  Hopefully, before it gets too hot, we can squeeze in a camping trip.  

I'll post more pix of the trip in the next post below.  

Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions for any other nearby places to visit!!


Siffy, wondering what's going on

"Let's get back on the road!"


Topless & Roaming...

beautiful weather

too pretty to not go driving!


Totally posing. sheesh

Traffic trouble in RRG

"Excuse me, I'm walking here..."

just a gorgeous sky shot

Beautiful May morning in Kentucky

I couldn't help but stop and snap a picture of the sun rising over the foggy back field near our home.   I was headed home after the gym this morning and this sight just stopped me in my tracks.  
We love our little home on this small county backroad.  I thought you might enjoy the scene too.

Beautiful day to you all!

Where are you?

[editorial note:  we're not happy with the limitations of Simple Site, so we may have to change how we're doing things soon.  this post was meant to accompany the photos below but we are limited in what can be put into individual posts.  sorry for this inconvenience]

And what do you do?  

As you can see from the map below (at least I hope you can see it) I've pinned our general vicinity.  I get tickled when we tell people we're from Kentucky or even if we say Southeastern Kentucky or even if we name the town for them, they automatically assume we're like right next to Lexington.  I dunno why people only remember Lexington other than perhaps because it IS sort-of mid-state all the way around?  I swear, I think some folks think Lexington is the capital of Kentucky!  Hilarious.


So yeah, we're in Kentucky and we'd like to know where you're from!  Or maybe I should say "where you are now" instead.  We have always lived right here within a mile radius of the house we've lived in the for the past almost-thirty years!  Well, I take that back... Tommy is originally from Indiana but moved to Kentucky when he was in second grade, so I say that makes him native.  *ha!*


Tell us where you're from/where you live and what sort of outdoor adventures you  like to have!


As  you might have guessed, we love camping and hiking.  We started tent camping when our sons were very young and being a one-income homeschooling family, money was always tight so camping was the basis for most all of our family vacations.  We didn't go to theme parks and such very often.  

We have some fond memories of our camping trips.  Like the time we attempted our second or third trip on our own (instead of with a group of cub scouts!) when Tommy inadvertently stuck one of those tiki-torch-on-a-stick things in the ground and hit a hornet nest.  His first thought as the angry critters came swarming out of the hole, was to douse them with lamp fuel.  

*glug, glug*

When they kept coming, he decided since they were already primed, he should set them on fire... 

So when the little old fella who oversaw the campground came by on his golf cart and saw flames shooting out of a hole in the ground nowhere near the designated fire pit, he got a little alarmed.  Ha ha!  He informed Tommy, who I'm sure had an expression of exasperation and surprise on his face, that he couldn't have open flame anywhere outside the fire pit.  When Tommy explained how it had all gone down, the guy assured him he wouldn't get a ticket for improper camper behavior and drove away shaking his head.  I'm sure he was thinking what a bunch of newbies!


Then there was the time we decided to branch out to the primitive sites with no hookups or running water and came across a copperhead twice on the trail leading to the primitive area before deciding it was best to stick to the improved campsites this go round.


There's the time we went out on the lake for a weekend trip and ended up staying a week with me taking Tommy back and forth to the dock for work each day.  He would drive all the way back to town for his job, then we would pick him up with the boat that evening.  We really had a blast since we spent one day with another homeschool mom and her sons splashing around in the lake and exploring the completely primitive site out in the middle of the lake.  

I will have to tell you the story of that week because it's a very colorful and long tale.  Lots of crazy stuff happened that the boys and Tommy still talk about.  


After the boys got older and started being more interested in having cars and girlfriends, we didn't get to camp as much.  They both stayed so involved in various activities it was hard to find a weekend when both of them were free and so life became too busy to keep up with our camping trips.


Now that they're both grown and married, they still love camping and hiking.  Our eldest and his wife even do quite a bit of rock climbing.  Since our baby boy married a nurse who stays busy or on call and he is now managing a business, it seems he doesn't get quite as much time to camp, but he does go on short half-day trips out to the woods around our home to hunt.  He says it makes him realize how much he misses being in the woods.  We hope he will have more time for this soon and his wife can learn to enjoy camping as much as he does.


All four of the kids like to kayak and have their own yaks.  With the older couple  now living in the Cincinnati area, they've found there are tons of parks and outdoors things to do.  They live near the Little Miami River area so they have lots of easy access to the water and there's a beautiful and popular bike trail close too.  We love going up there because we don't have to drive a long way to get to these things the way we do at home.  But the kids still love their Kentucky adventure spots too and often drive down for weekend trips to Red River Gorge for climbing and camping.


If you're mostly just here to keep up with Jeep stuff, I hate to tell you but we haven't made any new progress with our own Jeep modifications.  Poor Casper (did I tell you we went with the name Casper for our big ol' white Jeep?) has been mostly a mom-mobile hauling me back and forth to all of my things and groceries to the house.  I just know he probably feels more like a minivan at this point in time.


The guys (Tommy and our younger son) have been super busy however on building an inner roll cage and roof rack for that Jeep and prepping it for their 36 Hours of Uwharrie competition coming up this summer.  That has been a whole new experience and the guys are loving their new tools and the design software.




school + vacation? not always bad

*one of my fave photos*

campground fun

bicycle brothers :)


digging up some fun

Mom & Dad miss these years!

"let's go find an adventure"

At Last! Freedom Panels Away!!


FINALLY!!  After a snowy start to Spring, it got warm enough to pop off the panels & enjoy the long-absent sunshine!! Woo! 😄


That's SNOW, people! #wackyweather #springinkentucky

So a mere THREE DAYS after driving around in 80-degree weather with the tops off, it is snowing in Kentucky.  Yeaaahhhh...   I give up, y'all!  

Help us name this thing!

Our poor, unnamed Jeep!

Checking out the idea of using Simple Site for the blog...  Here's our Jeep.  It doesn't have a name just yet.  We're toying with Casper.  

What do you think?  If you have an idea, leave it in the comments, please! We need help naming this thing!  ha ha.  wild

Big changes: from sports car to 4WD!

Farewell to Ruby...

Here we are (switching vehicles) the night we traded Ruby for the new Mr. Jeep (c'mon, people!  help us name this sucker!)

Ruby was an uber fun ride and I (Geannie) loved every minute of time with her.  It was my idea to get a Challenger when Tommy would have rather had a Mustang, but I wanted to be different.  Every body and their brother has a Mustang around here.  And c'mon... you have to admit, those Challengers are just plain HOT looking!  

Sadly, the Challenger wasn't quite as practical as we had hoped with its two-door coupe style and it was at the very top of its value when we traded.  We decided to get out while the gettin' was good, ya know?  Since we knew we'd want to get a vehicle suitable for overlanding in the very near future, we decided to just do it.  We would have sold Ruby even if we hadn't found the perfect Rubicon at that time.  Thank God we found what we'd been looking for and everything worked out that we could go ahead and make the trade.